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M Ä R C H E N T A N Z    für Kinder                               F A I R Y T A L E  -  D A N C E     for children

M Ä R C H E N T A N Z  / F A I R Y T A LE – D A N C E   (Dance- Performances & Plays)

2010/ 11   "Gelsomino im Lande der Lügen" (Adaption: Andra Barz)

2009/ 10   "Feindschaft und Liebe" (Author: Andra Barz)

2008/ 09   "Dolpatsch" (by Heinrich Seidel, Adaption: Andra Barz)

2007/ 08   "Die Reise ins Schlaraffenland" (Author: Andra Barz)

2006/ 07    "Frau Holle" (Brothers Grimm, Adaption: Andra Barz)

2005/ 06    "Aschenputtel" (Brothers Grimm, Adaption: Andra Barz)

2004/ 05    "Rotkäppchen" (Brothers Grimm, Adaption: Andra Barz)

Public teaching (kindergardens, primary school, music school)  & Performances (in Germany):


Optikpark Rathenow,
Musik & Kunstschule HVL,
Grundschule Nennhausen,
KITA Nennhausen,
KITA Döberitz,
KITA Waldhaus Premnitz,
Katholische KITA Rathenow

C H I L D R E N `S    M U S I C A L   ( Public Teaching/  Performances)

2003- 2004      "Feindschaft und Liebe"

INSTITUTION: Real- und Grundschule Nennhausen (Junior High School)

The play developed at several team and group projects :

teamwork: BAND
teamwork: ACTING

Andra Barz: Author, Director, Production, Acting- Coach, Voice- Choir-, & Band Coach, Stage- Design, Art- Teacher

T H E A T E R - P L A Y S /   P R O J E C T S             (with children / youngsters)


2011   Little Summer Pop Show,           
           Optikpark Rathenow           
           (Director: Andra Barz)

2011   shadow- theater theme: "HOMELAND",
           Begegnungsstätte Gollwitz,
          (Director: Andra Barz, Jan Beumelburg)

2010   CD- Project:
           singing- students of the Musik & Kunstschule HVL
           (Director: Andra Barz)

G E S A N G S U N T E R R I C H T  /   S I N G I N G   T U T I O N  /   V O I C E  &  H E A L I N G 


S I N G I N G    T U I T I O N S  /  V O I C E  &  H E A L I N G 



western/ eastern singing techniques
classical techniques
jazz/ rock / pop
breathing- techniques
posture, dance techniques
overtone singing
yoga- techniques
meditation techniques
visualisation- techniques
spontaneous singing (in groups)
circle singing
voice & healing
chakra- singing
finding your own voice / selfhealing voice
body-, soul- and mind- tones
finding your soul- melody
group- sounding/ chanting
intuitive singing/ psychic singing/ channeled singing
pythagoraic proportions in space & music
sacred geometry/ sacred (vocal) sounds
golden section & voice
space healing with the voice (nature space & built space)
feng shui & sound
dimension- traveling with the voice
elve- singing/  elve- song

1999- 2016    private singing tution, voice & healing sessions

Teaching at following

I N S T I T U T I O N S:

2012- 2013     TonArt.e.V., Rathenow  (private art- & music school)

2004- 2011     Kunst & Musikschule Havelland  (public art- & music school)

2005- 2006     Städtische Musikschule Brandenburg  (city music school)

2004- 2005     Musikschule Brauerei, Rathenow 
(private music school)

2000               City of Westminster College, London (occasional teaching)  (vocational college)

1999- 2000     Breslaff Centre, London (occasional teaching)  (centre for children & families)

S O U N D   &   S P A C E   ,   F E N G  S H U I  


architectural knowledge
classic feng shui
space clearing

pythagoraic proportions in space & music
sacred geometry
sacred (vocal) sounds
golden section
golden section & voice

space healing with the voice (Nature space & built space)
feng shui & Sound

2002- 2016    Private feng shui consultancy, voice & space healing

Teaching at following

I N S T I T U T I O N S:

2003               Volkshochschule Rathenow, first stage 
  (adult education centre)

2004               Fit- Point Premnitz, secondary stage  (wellness & training centre)

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